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Get Connected

God's Mighty Men


The Mission of GMMM

Building the whole man through Education via teaching the word, Exhortation via Christian Fellowship, Evangelization via community outreach, and Edification via prayer and ministry opportunity

  • What is True Masculinity?
  • What is success?
  • How do I find meaning and purpose in my work
  • Expanding our definition from making money to making a difference.
  • How do I deal with feelings of guilt?
  • Continuing to do the right thing when I'm pressured to do otherwise?
  • What is male sexuality? Is purity possible today?
  • What does a healthy marriage look like?
  • How can I raise my children to be successful in the eyes of God?
  • How can I be a man of integrity in the workplace?
  • How can I survive an economic meltdown?
  • How can I be a leader in the home, workplace, and church?


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